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Great project by Scott – knowing what to cook and bake in it

Oven built by Scott from Oak Park, IL, US almost identically to the latest 3G MTo design from the Rado Hand’s oven building plans. With this project, only the minimally adjusted foot print to the unique area, then roof tiles were approached slightly differently, and Scott also attached a new clay pot chimney on the top which is more than beautiful.

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Wonderful oven with 8 position rotating switch

This beautifully built and elegant oven has installed a thermometer gauge with 8-position rotating switch, stainless steel tubes and several thermocouple probes fitted for measuring the temperature atmosphere inside its firebrick chamber. Inclusive are photographs showing how were the thermocouples positioned and constructed. Oven was built by Bill in New York. Notice the Christmas decorations witch includes also evening lights on this oven outside.

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Ground moisture insulation behind this oven

The oven building has been finished but Naeem still intends to apply a ground moisture insulation around both sides and at the back to stop water coming on.

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Recycled propane tank head ovens – metal work, sheet metal fabrication. Carl made an interesting garden oven, look at it from his images. It constructed from a large propane cylinder tank head made of metal. This oven is called – TankHead Pizza Oven. There is the firebox designed underneath which heats up the smaller oven and oven floor positioned on top the diagram explains it further. Propane propane tank head is suitable for constructing pizza oven, metal sections on the outside.

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Oven roof finished. Nicely designed over all.

Nicely designed, over all it is one beautiful oven. Gary from Hamilton, New Jersey, recently completed their oven with its roof. And then, just one week after they had completed it, the Hurricane Sandy come through their location when it took down a tree that was closest to this oven and the house. Luckily it fell down in the opposite way.

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Beautiful oven with matching flagstone fireplace

This beautifully built oven has matching flagstone on the outside with the same stone glued on the fireplace. The oven has a tall chimney going upwards just besides the roof over the relaxing hat. Thanks for your source of expertise!

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My pizza cutter w/ spaghetti portion size measure combo

Today I received from St. Ignatius, MT in Unites States these fabulous pizza cutters which have also several spaghetti size portion measures built in them. See the image of the cutters and also play one youtube video which shows clearly how practical these pizza cutters are, what everything these practical cutters can cut in a kitchen.

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Never too old for all reasonable projects.

Until we cooked 300 pizzas for people in our lives, we did not realized how many great friends we actually have. We are never too old, never old enough, and should not be, for doing lovely projects like these in our age! How to go for it? It’s the easiest …

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Wood burning oven built under roof cover

Very practical wood burning oven under a spacious roof cover in Shingletown, California, USA. Everything built by Paul and Karen. And the goodies their oven produces. Pizza and bread help from Paul.

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Oven built higher off the ground in deck level

Charlie from West Virginia built his oven much higher up, 42 inches, off the ground as to reach the level of the wood floor of the deck at the back of the house.

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