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I used to cook in winter as well

I built this MTO wood fired brick oven in spring of 2009. For four years I immensely enjoyed using the oven. I also cooked in it during winter when the oven was completely covered with snow. Then we had to move to a new house. Therefore I am about to build my new oven. This time it’s gonna be the new MTO model, the third MTO model generation.

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My First of many retirement projects

The first of many Mike’s retirement building and other development projects. “Now I have the time for them”… he says. He purchased 1,120 new house bricks for only 75 bucks which makes it less than 7 cents per each house brick. This oven cooks and bakes fantastically, it produces and gives out much better energy.

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RENE’S OVEN with MOSAIC. All under roof.

Rene’s project in Seattle, Washington. U.S.A. He built this fabulous oven with mosaic within bricks in walls and he also roofed the whole area. Now he can use his oven and the entertaining area whole year round. No mater whether it is raining or snowing, the roof protects / covers the whole outdoor area behind their house. Rene has never held a brick prior this building project. Video on how to rotate pizza on hot firebricks for 2 minutes was created as well.

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Building in winter in a tent

This oven was built during winter months while freezing and snowing inside a provisional tent we stretched up above and around the whole job area as a temporary cover. As you can see it worked!

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Never too old for all reasonable projects.

Until we cooked 300 pizzas for people in our lives, we did not realized how many great friends we actually have. We are never too old, never old enough, and should not be, for doing lovely projects like these in our age! How to go for it? It’s the easiest …

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Oven completed and Bill’s first ever pizza

Bill completed the oven and married Liz and now they expect a new arrival to theirs young family. The first ever pizza they cooked together came out this oven. The brick pizza oven on these two pictures was built in New Providence, NJ, US.

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Outdoor living room and kitchen project w/ stones

Interesting outdoor Living-room with Kitchen area project. All is built using stones, bricks and chunky timbers. Project by Dave in San Marcos in Texas, USA.

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Sundial Wood Burning Swish Oven

I’ve felt in tune with your oven designs for so long now. We have been quite lucky with the weather (cold, crisp and dry) so I’ve managed to make good building progress. Perhaps stubbornly, I’ve mixed all the concrete by hand and had to cut the reinforcing mesh with a tiny hacksaw, but I felt a real sense of achievement as each step fell into place.

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Canadian wood fired brick pizza oven

Canadian built, in Cobalt, Ontario, wood fired brick pizza and bread oven. The oven was built by Mike and was named Pauline – in memory of Mike’s grandmother Cherniuk. Look at those nice images on whose the oven is covered by the winter snow.

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Oven under a large roof for cooking in the rain

I can cook in my wood fired oven pleasantly while outside is raining or snowing. No matter what’s the surprise with the weather, the oven and people or everything else is kept nicely dry under the spacious roof – extended both ways, in the front and at the back.

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