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Brick oven lifted and transported with crane truck

Heavy masonry brick oven crane lifted for moving and transported using an one crane-truck option. From its original position, where it was constructed, the structure was lifted with the crane, loaded and truck driven to a new place where owners relocated to.

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Glass factory firebricks were used for building this oven

Quality industrial 40 percent alumina content firebricks from a glass factory were used for making the cooking part hot face inside this oven.

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RENE’S OVEN with MOSAIC. All under roof.

Rene’s project in Seattle, Washington. U.S.A. He built this fabulous oven with mosaic within bricks in walls and he also roofed the whole area. Now he can use his oven and the entertaining area whole year round. No mater whether it is raining or snowing, the roof protects / covers the whole outdoor area behind their house. Rene has never held a brick prior this building project. Video on how to rotate pizza on hot firebricks for 2 minutes was created as well.

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MTo with modified exterior design

Another modified exterior of the Masterly Tail oven design to fit an existing surrounding settings. It has been built in California. This MTo has also one additional brick layer above the initial brick hearth floor so the extra heat absorbing mass retains more heat energy for longer efficiently.

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Wood burning oven built under roof cover

Very practical wood burning oven under a spacious roof cover in Shingletown, California, USA. Everything built by Paul and Karen. And the goodies their oven produces. Pizza and bread help from Paul.

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Outdoor living room and kitchen project w/ stones

Interesting outdoor Living-room with Kitchen area project. All is built using stones, bricks and chunky timbers. Project by Dave in San Marcos in Texas, USA.

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Outdoors kitchen and eating entertaining area

Joe with family finished their project. They built kitchen outdoors with eating and entertaining area for them and their guests. So far they had many parties, cooked pizzas, roasted chickens and other roast types. This kitchen was created in Roseville, California, USA.

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Pizza oven and grill combination in outdoor kitchen

Effective brickwork by Tony in Victoria, Australia. Pizza oven Grill/BBQ combo and paving job finished.

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Outdoor stonecraft oven

Zach’s outdoors stone-craft, oven in stone. Nice stone veneer on the oven, on the ground and additional surrounding stone features to sit on.

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Hebel AAC block (added as insulation)

Under hearth for a pizza oven we added the lightweight Hebel building blocks material, as an additional thermal heat insulation layer, under the floor slab and firebricks on top.

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