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Outdoors kitchen and eating entertaining area

Hi Rado

I ordered your cd back in May and built our oven with your helpful tutorials and photos. I have since been asked many times by my family, friends, and co-workers how I was able to do it. I tell them to check out your website and “let Rado show you how it’s done”. I finally got around to sending you some photos of my project as promised.

I enjoy cooking and had the desire to build a wood fired brick oven for quite sometime. I also wanted to integrate it with some sort of outdoor kitchen / eating area. Lots of my research and designing ideas from my talented wife led us to your website. Your design, knowledge, and passion for the oven inspired us to move forward with the project. So I started right away when I received your cd. Working on it late afternoons and some weekends resulted to completing the whole project. Above the oven was modified with a flat surface top, sloped backward a bit, to let the rain run off.

Outdoors kitchen, eating and entertaining area.

I used plain cement bricks knowing I was going to stucco the exterior to match our house. While the oven was being built, we practiced making dough and pizzas in our kitchen oven with the aid of a pizza stone. That’s a project by itself, but was able to achieve great tasting pies.

Preparing ground for outdoors kitchen Making outside kitchen oven walls Building backyard pizza oven walls

The oven works fantastic. Since it was completed, we have had numerous parties and get-together’s serving up pizzas, chicken, and roasts. I really had fun with this project and want to thank you personally for giving me the inspiration, your oven design knowledge, and expert advise.

The outdoor kitchen project The outside kitchen walls with stucco render finish

Joe and Leslie Camilleri / Roseville California

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  1. Awesome project! I hope to have mine complete soon. You have inspired me to include our grill in the finished design!

    By Joey Waters — Permalink

  2. Sounds like a great project. Looking forward to seeing it on the website.

    By Joe Camilleri — Permalink

  3. Hello Joe,
    Great project and pictures, thank you for sharing them with us. I have a budget question for you, of course if you do not mind to answer it. I am about to start my project and I was planning to built it pretty close to your design, the only difference will be that I will add a little sink or washing area, regardless, could you share how much did it cost your overall project.
    Thank you and I will be looking forward to your answer.
    Ramon C.

    By RamonPermalink

  4. Hello Ramon,
    Thanks for the compliments. The whole kitchen area project, from concrete sub floor to the custom oven door, including light fixtures etc., was around $4000.00. Good Luck on your project. It sounds great.

    By Joe Camilleri — Permalink

  5. Hi Joe,

    Fantastic work! Can you please share how or with what you made the roof top and chimney top edge? Thank you! Best Regards, Ralph

    By Ralph — Permalink

  6. Hi Joe,

    Beautifully done! Can you share how or with what materials you the roof and chimney edge with? Thank you! Best Regards, Ralph

    By Ralph — Permalink

  7. Hi Ralph,
    Thanks for your compliments. Sorry for taking so long to respond to your question. I have not visited the website for quite some time. Anyway, to answer your question; for the exterior, I used plain grey concrete bricks because I knew I was applying a stucco finish to match our house. The decorative trim is the common stucco and styrofoam trim that is used on buildings and homes. It comes in numerous shapes and sizes. It’s very easy to apply and cut to size. Everything blends in easily when you apply the stucco finish.

    Hope this helps.

    Joseph Camilleri

    By Joseph Camilleri — Permalink

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