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Cooking pizzas in dutch ovens first

Here’s a picture of my recently finished pizza oven. Cooked 6 pizzas so far and all of them were great.

My friend said he found the perfect pizza crust recipe, so initially we started cooking pizzas and various other meals in our dutch ovens. But it wasn’t enough. Then I found this sight and have built my own oven. I love it. I used stone collected around in the close by area so as is the oven structure blends in quite nicely.

I really enjoyed building my oven. All the stone came from our property. We make an effort to use the oven as often as possible.

We’ve tried cooking different things in it, from salmon on an alder plank to enchiladas. Next is bread then more pizzas and various roasting.

Pizza oven built from stones.

Stone oven inside being heated with fire

Andy ( )
in Carrollton, Ohio, USA.

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