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History of Wood Burning Ovens

An article written by Rokos Vasilis and Theodoros Panagiotopoulos about the history of wood burning ovens dating back to their origins thousands of years ago in ancient Greece. The authors touch on an interesting central issues surrounding the past and present of wood fired brick ovens.

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Smoker made from old metal items

How to make a smoker made entirely from old metal items. Like an old otherwise unused steel barrel with lid and old not working stainless steel metal fridge box with metal door on original hinges. Mostly metal fabrication work, light steel engineering. This smoker system can be used for all the smoking techniques, e.g. cold smoke applied for a long time, sometimes even for weeks of cold smoking. And of course fast smoking with higher temperature applied.

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True craftsman is into building a mobile oven

A real true craftsman and ex-welder tradesman from Knoxville, TN. USA is into building a mobile oven on a trailer. His project thoughts and plans so far are in this article. First, from reused and recycled materials, he will build a heavy duty tandem axle trailer with brakes on wheels. Then the oven will be placed on top of the trailer to finish the portable oven on wheels.

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Use of Angle Iron

I told you I would sent pictures of my use of angle iron instead of building the wooden support as shown in your pictures. I used 3 1/2 x 3 1/2 quarter thick angle iron with 2 1/4 thick concrete base. This is angle iron I had from another project. I will cut reinforcement wire and fill with concrete. It should be able to hold up the world (Ha!) After quite a bit of searching in a hardware and tools store I was able to find a tape measure that had inches and cm measuring units also.

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Finishing work on cement block walls

Ending work with the cement block walls. Last sections of the cinder block walls is being filled and the job is nearly done. As they were, most of the off-cuts from cutting these cement blocks, including the large triangular pieces, were fitted back in the walls. That is very efficient. Work with these blocks always progresses quickly.

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Entrance arch & flue hood with hot-air passage

Here is how to make the decorative entrance which at the same time also functions as a properly sized flue vent (hood box) connected with the hot-air passage. Proper sizing of this vent assures 100% of all hot fumes and gasses will travel only upwards and out into the air via the chimney tunnel.

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Decorative brick arch and flat entry surface

Building facing decorative arch out of house bricks. Above this arch; progress for how to build a flat straight masonry surface which is used for holding pots right in front of the entrance into the oven. For making these masonry decorations I use red clay bricks and I form all of these brick arches on pre-made wooden forms or templates. It is a very practical, fast and quality job.

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Adding cladding layer 10cm – 4 inches thick

How to make concrete cladding layer on top of firebrick dome? Cladding layer is, usually 4 inches or 10 cm thick application of a dense concrete applied over the internal brick hot face. Function of cladding layer is to add plus to the dense heat absorbing mass into which the heat energy is absorbed and retained. Concrete cladding application results in stable temperature atmosphere in an oven, as well as in much more efficient and stable long time oven use after a single time heating up to the best working temperature.

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MTo firebrick Entrance part 3/3 building sequence

Finishing the MTo dome structure by making the final firebrick entrance. The firebrick oven dome entrance, in a form of small arch, is the last stage in constructing this inner refractory part, by which the actual firebrick oven is then completed. This last building part section contains 80/613 detailed images and it fully shows complete details of how the firebrick oven dome entrance is built. Enjoy these comprehensive MTo building plans in the free web version. Originally the Masterly Tail oven design (MTo) plans and the whole MTo design idea were developed in year 2001 by KangaRado Hand / registered. Copyright statement – All Rights Reserved. No patents allowed.

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MTo firebrick Arches part 2/3 building sequence

Masterly Tail oven design (MTo) – making firebrick arches as part of constructing of inner refractory firebrick dome part – this building sequence segment contains 93 detailed images. Comprehensive MTo wood fired brick oven design building plans in a free web version. There are 3 refractory segments in this whole dome building sequence and in this second one are heat resistant brick arches built. Origins of MTo plans and the whole MTo design idea were developed by KangaRado Hand in year 2001 / registered. No patents are allowed.

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