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How to make wooden door for oven fired by wood

How to make a wooden door used for baking breads or slow roasting in wood burning ovens. Tutorial with pictures.

Wood brick oven door in 60 minutes

This door is quickly made out of a hard wood type. Before baking or roasting in the oven, when the oven is required to be closed, prior the use this door is first soaked in water for over night.

It is easy to make this door. It's just a little bit of simple wood work. But the door lasts longer when it is saturated with water before is is used.

Especially in the earliest stages of baking or roasting with the wooden door closing off the oven entrance (a perhaps both of these culinary activities at the same time), the oven is hotter at start therefore the water naturally keeps the door cooled down. This way the door will last many occasions! Otherwise the door is not being used, at all, when the oven is being fired or when we are cooking pizzas or making other grills and open roasts while the active fire is being used inside these ovens.

Wooden door making photo sequence from the start to the end:

Making wooden door for baking in wood ovens.
Wood for the ovens door cut to sizes


Materials for wood burning oven closing doors.
Drill holes for screws - two for each joining spot-place


Screwing together wood ovens door parts.
18 screws to hold this wooden door together


Wooden ovens door is finished by sanding of all edges.
A quick sanding of edges and the door for the wood oven was made


Made wooden door and the dome of oven is closed.
Wood burning oven closed with the wooden door

And that's it! This is all on how the needed oven door made from a hard wood is produced.

by Rado Hand

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