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Mto brick oven with fireplace under a hut

Hello Rado,
I want to thank you for helping me build our family’s brick oven in our farm.

Joel of Ilog Maria inspired me and started me off with the design and then the building of our oven based on your design and his experiences.

I started building our oven in July of 2009 and got it partially completed a month after having started it. It was already functional even without the insulation and we had our first pizza party for our family reunion.

Our father passed away a month before and my siblings got together including a brother and a sister who were abroad.

Wood fired pizza MTo oven built in Philippines.

I decided to name our oven “Pizzeria Agustini” after my father.

MTo design pizza oven built in Philippines.

It was such a personal fulfillment for me and a great activity for family bonding that we just kept on baking pizzas even without the insulation and a chimney.

A few months after, I got around to completing the insulation and the oven was able to retain heat much better.

First pizzas cooked in the oven.

Now that the summer months are over and we’re in the cooler months leading up to Christmas my wife gave me an ultimatum to finish the oven and put up the chimney or we would not be making any trips up to the farm.

It took longer for me to conceptualize the chimney because I wanted to build a little fireplace below the oven so we could light a small fire on cold days and enjoy baking pizza in the wood fired oven at the same time.

I had to split the smoke chamber and invert their orientation from left to right and vise-verse in order to have the flue on either side of the oven.

I then finished the skin of the oven with building bricks and finally poked the chimney through the roof of our “pizza hut”.

Philippines brick pizza oven.

The result is a great oven and a little fireplace to boot.

Fireplace under pizza-oven.

Pizza oven hut built in Philippines.

Pizzeria Agustini – all fired UP!

Thank you so much for your unselfish tutorials and information and helping us build our precious oven.
I wish you happiness and constant fulfillment.
Our warmest regards,
Tony – we have this oven built in the Philippines.

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  1. Great story Antonio. One day I must visit Philippines. Glad to see you guys build proper size flue vents on your ovens (can’t single this out enough to builders as an important matter.)

    And thank you very much for your nice words about my work.

    By Rado

  2. Many friends and family have shared in the warmth of our MTo oven.

    Anytime you want to visit just let us know and we’ll gladly be your tourist guides. :)

    More power!

    By Tony

  3. You are a very neat worker as well. Nice oven and the hut must be very practical and pleasing entertaining area indeed.

    By Dada

  4. More power for you too. We’ll be planning an Europe trip soon, cannot say whether we could pop in Philippines on the way…

    By Rado

  5. That would be great. If you do make it to the Philippines we’d be happy to have you stay at our farm if you have the time.

    By Tony

  6. Thanks Dada. It’s a work in progress but yes you’re right. It becomes the center of entertainment especially when the weather cooperates.

    By Tony

  7. Hi tony! Very nice looking wood fired brick oven. I am actually looking for a designer, can you share with me who is your designer for your brick oven (need a detailed design).

    Thanks in advance!

    By au

  8. I too would like to built a oven/fireplace combo. Can you share any details on the venting for the fireplace as this is key to the whole project? Thanks for any help from a fellow builder.

    By ken uhle

  9. Tony, I want to build a woodburning pizza oven using 1/4″ or 3/8″ black iron steel, I would roll it into a barrell, super insulate the exterior and then have an outer black iron steel of 1/4″ or 3/8″, do you know if there is a problem using the steel in instead of the fire brick. Commercial stack pizza ovens are built with an interior of steel.

    Great job on your oven !

    Bob in Phoenix, Arizona

    By Bob Kesler

  10. Hi Tony,

    are the materials for building easy to find in Manila? How much would you estimate building materials will cost for a small MTo oven?


    By F

  11. I like what you guys are up too with heating water also. Such clever work and economical! Carry on the excellent works guys I will have some water heating system incorporated into my oven too. I think it will improve the value of my cooking.

    By Peter's home project.

  12. Hey Tony,

    In the process of getting everything together for Rado’s plans. Can you share a few pictures of how the firepit is vented through the chimney.

    Great Job,

    By Shane

  13. What a God sent site. I was researching pizza oven / fireplace combination possibilities and I get into this site. I start reading & realize this is my land-brother’s blog, written in Manila — I am in Atlanta, Ga. Thank you so much for sharing. I like all people who share good things. More power to you and please help me with my pizza oven / fireplace.

    By karen litre

  14. Hello All,

    So sorry. I haven’t visited this site for a while as I don’t get email notices on responses.

    I’m sure by now that you’ve built your oven but in case you haven’t I suggest using Rado’s design guidelines and making your own additions as to fit your needs. There are lots of ways. Plus it’s such a good feeling to take your design to implementation with your participation all the way.

    By Tony Cancio

  15. Plan to build wood fired oven in Leyte can you share info , address I can secure fire brick and other materials, insulating material .. Etc Thanks Edward

    By Edward Serafica

  16. My oven inside is 48 inches wide my friend said it was a high dome form that the ratio door opening has too be 63 % of dome hieght can you help with this? Thanks

    added by Rado:
    What is your experience from its performance? I will have a look at it, email me (link in top-right corner on home page) photos of your oven; structure from outside and also inside and the entrance. if there is ash on the floor from previous firing leave it intact as I can read a lot from that too. Send only large images, as they originally come out from camera, large photos allow me to see better details. I will also need your entrance height measurement and also internal vault – height. I will let to know what’s best. Do not fret, there are always ways to improve things, or fix things.

    By ER

  17. Hi Tony, I really like the great job you have done on your fireplace. I also want to build the same design of fireplace on the bottom and oven on top. I am not familiar with oven building and I was wondering if you could share your plan with me. I would really appreciate that. Keep up the good work and Thanks Again! Pierre.

    By Pierre

  18. I would like to know what the dome height is for a brick oven.
    My oven is 40 in. wide x 52 in. deep.

    By frank

  19. Frank,
    Thanks for your note.

    I make the entrance 10 inches high and the inner vault (inside floor to ceiling measurement) is 16 inches high (254mm and 406.4mm can be rounded.) This will fit in for your width as well. You can go with wall height as low as 5 to 6 inches, or higher. When the entrance is arched (not rectangle with straight-line top) then this entry height can be increased to 11-1/2 inches, because the extra 1.5″ above is only in the tip of the arch plus the side walls of the entrance are much lower. Either way, no difference in oven performance will be visible, both approaches perform equally well.

    By Rado

  20. Good day, im from Manila, where did you buy your fire brick? Please help me T_T

    By Harotaro

  21. The best pizza in the Philippines is baked in that oven.

    By Dennis

  22. How could I get detailed plan on Tony’s Pizza oven fire place combination from Manila?

    By Frank

  23. Hello Tony,

    Thank you for posting this. Oven looks good. How has the pugon been since you made it.

    We are planning to make one. Site will be in Nasugbu, Batangas. Can you please recommend workers for making the pugon. Thank you.

    Best Regards, Marco.

    By Marco

  24. Hello Tony,

    What a great looking oven and an even better story! I too am planning to build a pizza oven stacked over a fireplace. Would you please be able to share your plans?

    By Kevin Maniaci

  25. I’m looking for person who can make Pugon Pizza oven type.

    By Edicar Sampang

  26. hi Tony, what a nice story and and pizzeria Agustin is nicely built. I am also planning to built a pizza oven for my business soon, please share your plans and ideas I you don’t mind? :) it will be a big help. thank you.

    By emy butay

  27. I would like to know if you can teach me to build a brick oven for pizza or if you do the construction of the pizza oven with the help of your team?

    Thank you.

    By Avelina Crisostomo

  28. What a great investment into family and friends, amazing combo! I also would appreciate plans for building the combo fireplace pizza oven. Thank you, Josh.

    By Josh

  29. I would like to know your supplier of bricks pls email to me the business contact, person and number, thank you so much.

    By Meanne Rivera

  30. Love what you did mate, I also living in the Philippines and looking at building one and most of a smoker for my pork. but what wood to use in the Philippines for flavor is my worry and hold back.

    By William

  31. Can you email to me your fire brick supplier contacts.

    Jason Q.

    By Jay

  32. Can you please share your plans so I can build this pizza oven/fireplace combo? I would greatly appreciate it.
    Thank you in advance.

    By Emilio

  33. Would like to build one oven too. Is there a contact person I can talk to for consultation of the build. Thanks

    By Jino

  34. Hello sir,
    I’m planning to build a brick open can you send me more details for the structural and how it is done, help and info would be great help.

    Thank you and God bless


    By Marinel

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