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The brick oven

You sent me the oven building plans a while back and it is finally done! I actually picked totally the worst possible summer for building my oven here in Tennessee state.

I got 72 consecutive days of 90+ degrees Fahrenheits = 32+ degrees Celsius and no breeze to cool me down.

Lost 17 lbs. = 7.7 kg in the process but did every bit of the work only by myself.

Thanks for the detailed photo sequence and plans, working things was not difficult at all even though I am not in the trade (or, better to say, I wasn’t … because I am now).

The brick oven built by Jim in Loudon - Tennessee

Loudon, Tennessee

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  1. Hi Jim,
    Thank you for sending your oven photo. Looks real nice. What have you
    used for the roof cover, are they a slate stone tiles?

    Winter is just over here on the southern hemisphere. We also got some nice rain again, all the water dams are 100% full.

    By Rado

  2. Hi Rado,

    The roof is slate. The roofing supply company had some left over from a job that the roofer refused and they were going to throw them away. So, I got them for free. Green wasn’t my first choice, but the price was right.
    Only broke 1.

    Have a good one!


    By Jim

  3. hi,
    i have been looking for a step by step instruction on how to make a brick oven and i must say that this pic here looks really good, can anyone of you send me the detailed photos sequence and plans.


    By arthur

  4. great read, getting the plans also

    By mike

  5. Jim,
    I live in Dickson, TN and have got the oven plans on cd from Rado also. I would like to stop by and ask a few questions one day in the spring.

    By William Hall

  6. I would love to have one of these brick fired ovens. This one has clean simple lines and is just the perfect size. Do you share your plans? If so I would love to get a copy and see if I can talk my husband into making one on our property.
    Thanks so much, Paulette

    By Paulette Nichols

  7. Interested in building the oven please send plans.

    By john

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