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Pizza oven with fireplace and smoker

Here is a pizza oven (with fireplace and smoker system under one hood) built on a five acres wooded property lot plus a swimming pool. The structure has an interesting stainless steel metal roof.

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Combo of Fireplace and Oven

Another great looking outdoors combo structure of fireplace and oven was built from cement blocks, firebricks, and then decorated with natural stones on top.

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Mto brick oven with fireplace under a hut

The oven was named Pizzeria Agustini, after my father. It is another enlarged Masterly Tail brick oven design modified with warming fireplace under the oven in a hut built in Philippines by Antonio.

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My brick oven & fireplace cook food and heat water

Brick oven with fireplace both having water pipes heat exchanger installed around its dense dome, the part which gets the hotter, for heating water and cooking food. Around the copper water pipes the thermal insulation goes to cover the system to make everything perform more efficiently.

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Art work with stones outdoors

Job by Jai Art. Art work with wood fired oven and fireplace outdoors. A combo unit both built with various sizes of natural stones. Hard to match but someone may try it then show the results.

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