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The Advantage of Using a Wood-fire Pizza Oven

The assistant to the CEO over at Pizza90, Samantha, sent us this well put article if you ask me, discussing several advantages of making quality pizzas in wood fire pizza ovens in business environment. An interesting points of view.

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The Hard Brick Cafe Place

Two friends on the photos are Bill the owner (wearing a black singlet) and his good mate Rainsey (David). Both from Waikerie in South Australia. The oven place is named – The Hard Brick Cafe. See the Internet invitation for 3 of theirs birthdays.

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My brick oven & fireplace cook food and heat water

Brick oven with fireplace both having water pipes heat exchanger installed around its dense dome, the part which gets the hotter, for heating water and cooking food. Around the copper water pipes the thermal insulation goes to cover the system to make everything perform more efficiently.

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Gas fire in center with revolving stone

Gas fired igloo round shape pizza oven with center fire flame gas burner and stone that revolves 360 degrees round for rotating pizzas within the hot oven.

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Goodfellas kitchen produce

Produce from one of the Goodfellas kitchen ovens. Perfectly looking and done pizza, stuffed baked bread and other baking, grilling, roasting and wood fire oven peppers. Here we speak about THE professionals in culinary area. No wonder they have received the well deserved award for their work.

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Restaurant size pizza oven

An igloo shape restaurant size pizza oven built out of halved dense firebricks. The oven has 6 ft – 1.8m interior diameter. Is it preferred to cut firebricks for accurate key joints in constructing spherical round igloo domed ovens? For answers read on below …

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MTo pizza oven

Welcome to traditional oven website. Here this page summarizes on the whole the very simple philosophy of

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