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The Hard Brick Cafe Place

G’day Rado,
here is a copy of the invitation to my wife and 2 boys combined birthdays, to which 70 people turned up to view the mto and have a pizza. The oven is affectionately known as THE HARD BRICK CAFE and the place as CHERNOBYL, for a major pizza meltdown.

Here is a couple of photos of my completed oven built in Waikerie South Australia by myself, (Bill wearing a black singlet) and a good mate Rainsey (David). It is built out of 100+ years old south Australian red bricks. We have cooked many successful meals; pizzas, roasts, etc. in it and it is a wonderful social way to do things. We fed 70 people pizzas on the grand opening. I have never laid a brick in my life so the process was quite daunting because no 2 bricks of that era were the same size or shape. Thanks for the plans and instructions. The oven has impressed every body that has seen it. Hope to get a picture on your website so that I can do a bit of bragging.

Hard Brick Cafe Bill and David

Hard Brick Cafe Bill and David

Hard Brick Cafe

Hard Brick Cafe

Had inch thick lamb chops in the oven last night and everyone thought they were the best chops they had ever had. I am thinking that my 6 burner BBQ is going to be put on the redundancy list as not further required.

Bill from Waikerie

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  1. Nice one Bill…inspirational – I am getting together my own ideas and will start work on my own after seeing yours (might not be using the 100 year old bricks though!) – Mark, Brisbane.

    By Mark

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