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Oven roof finished. Nicely designed over all.

G’day to all WFO enthusiasts around the globe!

We have only been making pizza at this stage, but we hope to start experimenting with baking bread soon. A nice healthy sourdough breads with own starter kept in a warm place.

p.s. – I recently finished the oven roof and just last week we had the Hurricane Sandy come through and take down the tree that is close to the oven …

… fortunately the tree fell down the other way, away from the oven and the house!

Roof finished. Smart design.

Finished oven roof on this project. Pizza cooked on the table.

What do you think of this design? See the individual shingles on the roof?

By Gary – Hamilton, New Jersey

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  1. Oh my…….. the pizza photo makes me so hungry. I reckon it’s true……… these are projects very worthy to wait…….. for the final tangible values.! Cannot wait to begin building my own oven.

    By Scott O'Malley

  2. As you noticed this is the second reply that I make. The roof at first I taught it was individual pieces, but now I noticed that it looks like they come in sheets. Where did you buy it and were is it made? I wonder if I can buy them here in Canada. We have the single clay but I like these much better. Bart Parete

    By Bart Parete

  3. The individual shingles on roof
    individual roof shingles from
    Best Materials Discount Warehouse

    Those are individual shingles. They are synthetic. I purchased them from a company in Arizona called Best Materials Discount Warehouse. The only problem was that the shipping costs were more than the cost of the material – but it was worth it to me.

    By Gary from Hamilton, N.J.

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