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RENE’S OVEN with MOSAIC. All under roof.

Thanks ……….. Rado ……. I am sure you are a busy guy …….. Just went back to work after being off for 12 days …… I fired up the oven everyday I was off. Pizza nights, roasted potatoes and roasted pork roast. Salmon. Chicken breasts, etc. etc. etc. I love my oven and allot of my friends are jealous. My kids love to brag to there friends that we have a wood fired pizza oven in our back yard. It’s awesome something about the fire that just makes me want to have it on all the time ….. have 4 cords of split wood in the wood shed so I’m stocked up .. added a big covered area in the back of my house and the oven is covered now so if it is raining or snowing I can still cook in it year round …… I love it .. Have had several parties and can crank out pizzas in about 2 minutes and as many as I want.

Bricks and mosaic work.

I have never laid a brick in my life and you can tell, but I think every oven is unique and that’s my oven for sure. Thanks for all your input and for all the inspiration that you and your web site gave me …..

mosaic between bricks   brick oven area roofed and gravel ground   arches positioned back to front

Thanks again …. Rene … in Seattle, WA ………..

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  1. Hi Rene,
    What about the ‘pizza rotating’ moving picture, will I add it here to your gallery page? Real nice area. There is something very lovely about those two arches with wood under and the mosaic between these red bricks. So for the rest. Interesting how you created chamber arches, back to front instead of making them from side to side. The ground with gravel on is actually what I prefer, it’s so practical. Amazing area, on the whole appeals warm and comfy and I can rely to what you said about your Mates and what they have to say. You have your own/unique approach/style, I like such character.

    By Rado

  2. Thanks for the compliments Rado … you started it all. Yes you can post a documentary if you want … Mosaic is a Mexican clay pot that my wife was not to fond of, so I broke it and incorporated it into oven … I get a lot of stuff used and like to reuse it. Eventually I am going to enclose the whole area. I got my dome idea from the MHA a group of Masonry heater professionals. IF you google for MHA masons you will come to there Brick Oven page Great info … actually they mention traditional oven and you on several occasions there. Take Care and hope to talk to you soon …


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