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Wood oven made from old convict bricks

John from Newcastle in New South Wales built this classical wood fired brick oven from reused old convict clay bricks manufactured in Australia in 1800’s. He also reused an old railways sleeper metal spikes and metal switch wonderful for the characteristic decorations on his brick oven.

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Sketching up drawing of wood fired oven

Have a look at my sketched up drawing of a wood fired oven I plan to build in Canada and run wood fired oven bakery back there. I downloaded a free Google program called Sketchup, it’s very easy to use computer program and it is advanced.

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Baking grandma’s bread

This is the Bread Making Formula of my Grandma Pat’s with The Bread Baking full baking instructions. I used to eat some fast food or not too healthy foods recently and I know she would not approve of it. I am now building my own brick oven and I will continue with her life principles starting with baking this beautiful and simple bread.

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MTo pizza oven

Welcome to traditional oven website. Here this page summarizes on the whole the very simple philosophy of

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