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Sketching up drawing of wood fired oven

Just wanted to say thank you for the CD that you sent. I have been looking for a while at wood fired ovens. The way you build your baking chamber is one of the best that I have seen so far. I own a bakery here in Sapporo and have also setup several large bakeries here. I have built and imported all kinds of ovens and bakery equipments from all over the world but have decided to return to basic (wood fire) for several reasons.

I will be selling the last bakery that I own and will be returning to Canada early next year. I hope to open a natural bakery back in Canada. Have you worked with commercial wood fired bakery ovens? I hope to start drawing preliminary plans for my bakery wood fired oven but am not sure how to calculate the optimal height and arch radius of the baking chamber arched dome.

Baking oven sketch made in Sketchup program.

I followed the suggestion that you had written in one of the files on the CD that you sent and tested on my computer the Picasa picture viewing software that you recommended and found it very much useful. I also used another Google program called Sketchup and produced the 3D drawing of the a trial oven in just a few hours. Check the program up when you have time.


added by Rado: Thanks for your nice note. Sure thing wood fired bakery is the way to go, efficient and fun, never a dull moment and rewarding. I have a few friends who are involved in. I will have a look at the Sketchup from google, just scanned the program’s page. Looks real good, perhaps easier than auto CAD, will look at it more closely and let you know. If you need any help on the heights we can talk about no problem. How spacious do you plan your oven(s) to be, what’s you production targets? Perhaps rather two mid size ovens instead of one large is more practical for off seasons. There were real cast iron large wood fired ovens doors on eBay recently, 1K bucks each. Problem was that the seller didn’t agree to ship out of Melbourne city (2000Km – 1,243 miles), just pick up for a buyer. He had to re-list the auction, no one got it even second time so perhaps they still have it available. Real great all doors with front flue vent, all cast iron and decorated.

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