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Great project by Scott – knowing what to cook and bake in it

Oven built by Scott from Oak Park, IL, US almost identically to the latest 3G MTo design from the Rado Hand’s oven building plans. With this project, only the minimally adjusted foot print to the unique area, then roof tiles were approached slightly differently, and Scott also attached a new clay pot chimney on the top which is more than beautiful.

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Work of art with natural stones

I chose to do this work of art for the balance in my life and to have family time with my kids making pizzas, laughing and eating together as a family. To party with my friends in a safe child friendly environment where everyone can unwind completely.

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Making sourdough culture with bread baking formula

Chris from Holland shares with us how he makes, very effectively and practically, his sourdough culture. Learn his formula plus from his clear directions to bake such a wonderful sourdough breads. It is not a difficult concept – is it?

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Sourdough culture in easy steps w/ bread making formula

All anyone needs for an efficient and effective way of making high quality artisan breads – sourdough technique. Described is the way of preparing own sourdough culture, starter in easy steps, and the actual bread making formula. Artisan bread at the table & sourdough culture.

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Foundations had to be altered

Rado, I have taken more pics from our firing last Sunday, all went well, just need to get used to temperatures and timings etc. With the images I have also written a short story of our bread / pizza oven, which you may or may not want to include. Foundations had to be altered to follow the elevated ground behind the oven, it may be of interest to some people. Here it is –

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Mosaic of colors on this oven

This oven has a nice looking mosaic of colors of various shapes and sizes made from small tiles. The tiles were left over from other project and so they were free to use. Tho object makes it also as a main feature of our place at the back.

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Brick oven built by Lady. Christine.

All the brickwork on the whole project was done and finished by a woman, lady, Christine. The whole structure was also scaled down to a smaller size version. 99 percent of this whole and wonderful project was completed by female. And, Why Not?! …

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Wood burning oven built under roof cover

Very practical wood burning oven under a spacious roof cover in Shingletown, California, USA. Everything built by Paul and Karen. And the goodies their oven produces. Pizza and bread help from Paul.

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MTo built from local stone and with copper roof

I decided to make the outside of this oven using local stone from our close-by stone yard quarry. And for the roof in its entirety I used copper sheets and copper nails.

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Community oven in stones for bread and pizza

I am about to build my third oven, this time for another community. My second oven I built was the one in my own backyard for my family (link to it is down this page). And this here is THE first oven I built, it belongs to our community, we built it together using stones for making all the outer walls.

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