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Work of art with natural stones

Here are a couple of images from the time of baking bread using rye flour mix. The darker the crust at the end of baking the better! As you can see, from the stage before the stone structure was completed, first photo, I’ve already done many pizzas, breads, muffins, flat naan, a whole turkey, casseroles and pies at that time. On thanksgiving I think we had almost everything in there cooking at the same time. It’s awesome!

I went over your newest 3g mto design plans time and again at the difficult parts of construction, and even though I didn’t have the same exact design, it was very helpful, so thanks a bunch for the documentation you did and the service you provide. I couldn’t have done it without you. I’ve sent a few other people your way. I’ll be sure to send you a pic when I’m totally finished. Building the dry-stone vault over the oven and building the front arch with a chimney incorporated inside was difficult, or rather challenging, but I’m sure not insurmountable.

early stone oven
Breads baked in oven built from stones stone oven for baking not only breads

As I mentioned before, your set of complete progress pictures (photo sequence) helped me visualize what I had to do to build my oven, even though nothing was exactly the same. Thanks again by the way Rado. It is a remarkable work in progress, on the whole still evolving project, extremely satisfying in several aspects – after my busy work or at some days off – I enjoy just going out there to the building area, take a chisel with a hammer into hands and shape a stone with a few hits to fit it into a place. I wonder where it’ll end. It cannot get any nicer so to speak, for the whole family benefits from using the oven and just sitting around it while the food is being cooked.

Stone structure base Walls from stones before the hearth Structure from stones with a hearth on Two stone-arches on a stone structure Two stone arches on stone oven structure

So I’m long finished with the oven, but actually covering ground around the structure is still in progress. One of the progress images show how I’ve laid the springer stones for the arches to cover the oven. I’ll send you the complete pics when I get this area done in full. What do you think so far?

from Nicholasville, Kentucky.

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  1. Seth, The oven looks great. The stone work is awesome. I too enjoy just being out by the oven whether cooking, cutting wood or sitting by it.
    Bill from NY

    By Bill from NY — Permalink

  2. Seth, it is no secret to those who aspire to dry stone masonry, that you are apparently a master. Your stone oven is absolutely incredible. I just built my first oven this past fall on a dry stone pedestal, and now I see that I need to step it up a notch! Cheers, mate! Truly magnificent. Thank you for sharing.

    By Grant — Permalink

  3. Looks great Seth. It seems there two type of people. Those that build the brick oven only thinking about the food, and then those that think ahead of the entire building and cooking experience. Well done.

    By Eli — Permalink

  4. Hi Seth, I like your work with stones. Really well done!

    By Jarek - Stone Masonry in Czech RepublikPermalink

  5. A brilliantly stunning piece of work Seth, most folk I know just build a very basic oven structure with no thought of the possible aesthetics. You’ve nailed it, and given me some ideas although mine will be totally different.
    Frank from Australia.

    By franko — Permalink

  6. Seth, what a beautiful piece of work! Inspirational! I am a handyman,that’s my hobby. A year ago I finished a sauna in my back yard, which turned out great. Since then I was thinking about another cool project, and somehow I ended up completely sucked into idea to build a bread baking oven in my back yard. That’s how endless hours of searching for information got started. So, every time I see somebody’s achievement like yours, it gives me nothing more but further motivation and inspiration.
    So far, two main sources of information for me are Alan Scott’s oven design drawings, and whatever I can find on
    I hope I will share some of my pictures in the nearest future.

    By Virgil — Permalink

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