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Work of art with natural stones

I chose to do this work of art for the balance in my life and to have family time with my kids making pizzas, laughing and eating together as a family. To party with my friends in a safe child friendly environment where everyone can unwind completely.

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Oven built on smaller footprint

A new artistic field stone structure built in Canada in Ontario. Work by James. The slab for the oven happened to be smallish in surface originally therefore we built-up blocks at the back cascading style and made the top surface spacious enough.

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Oven using heat vented in from fireplace below

This pizza oven, as it was designed, is being heated by venting the heat into the oven through one channel from the fireplace below. The adjacent pool uses fiber optics to deliver colors of light.

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Combo of Fireplace and Oven

Another great looking outdoors combo structure of fireplace and oven was built from cement blocks, firebricks, and then decorated with natural stones on top.

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Designed to match house. Accent lights. Lovin’ my oven!

Steve in Morgantown, West Virginia – USA designed his oven to match their nice house plus he incorporated accent lights and complete wiring into the structure for a future sound system. It is the Masterly Tail oven design/project – MTo, described in his own words.

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Oven with stone veneer under a covered patio

I was thinking about using the storage space under the hearth as another firing area to feed a pit both with stone veneer on. These ovens are some of the most highly rated in the nation. Initially I was thinking about a combo pizza oven / smoker each with veneer stone glued on. Use the space under oven as a fire box for a smoker to right hand side. Right side has metal top, grills under, counter weight to lift, and 2nd smokestack far right.

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Beautiful oven with matching flagstone fireplace

This beautifully built oven has matching flagstone on the outside with the same stone glued on the fireplace. The oven has a tall chimney going upwards just besides the roof over the relaxing hat. Thanks for your source of expertise!

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We really enjoy the wood-fired oven and fire pit

Wood fired oven with built in lights. Next to the oven there is the nearly done fire-pit, we just need to find some suitable capstone for it. That has not stopped us though from using the fire pit ahead of finishing its making. My very first attempt with whole-wheat breads and rye breads went quite well! For making pizzas the temperature reading of the oven floor is 824 F degrees on the floor in the center. The pizza dough formula on this website is perfect.

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Outdoor living room and kitchen project w/ stones

Interesting outdoor Living-room with Kitchen area project. All is built using stones, bricks and chunky timbers. Project by Dave in San Marcos in Texas, USA.

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MTo built from local stone and with copper roof

I decided to make the outside of this oven using local stone from our close-by stone yard quarry. And for the roof in its entirety I used copper sheets and copper nails.

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