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Beautiful oven with matching flagstone fireplace

I never sent you the final pictures of the pizza oven. Here is what I was able to accomplish and how it came out. Thank you for all your help. Couldn’t have done it without you and your expert’s help. The oven added a beautiful feature into our most used area at home. Actually, it is the main feature! The oven is also visible to all eyes, from every angle when you enter, but invisible from the outside.

What do you think? I finished off the outside with flagstone.

We begun to cook and bake in the oven a long time ago. We use your pizza making directions and the pizzas turned out great. Actually the pizzas are excellent. You know what you are doing. We cooked a chicken last night, it is always way better than when cooked inside.

Flagstone glued on cinder block oven.

I was planning on matching the stone work that is on the fireplace as close as I can for the oven.

Flagstone fireplace structure with firebrick lining Tall chimney beside a roof High fireplace chimney beside a roof
Oven and fireplace and a hut roof.

Slicing and serving pizzas Excellent pizza, all I can say.

From the progress:
I used cinder blocks on the outside because the plan was to mortar the flagstone to it. I filled the inside of the blocks with the cement and the space between the oven and the walls, for thermal insulation, is filled with the loose vermiculite poured straight out from the bags. My entry door has dimensions 16″ W x 10 3/4″ H (higher by 3/4 of one inch so that higher pots could go inside.)

My hand mixed cladding is about 4″ on the sides and top. Firebricks are 2 1/2 inches thick. As per the PDF from you but 17 of them in every arch (instead of 16 in each arch) and 3 firebricks are stacked in the oven side-walls-height, hearth floor width has 18 bricks x 6 bricks, all easy to do. Internal dimensions are: 34″ wide by 40″ deep.

Slab besides a hut. Just formed firebrick hearth. Just formed firebrick arch.
Making concrete cladding, manual hand mixing. Pouring in loose vermiculite insulation matter.

Thanks for all the advice.
Frame Restoration ~ Gilding ~ Picture Framing
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