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L-Lysine Answer to variety of Health issues


Lysine is one of the 20 amino acids that are found in the body system. It belongs to category of indispensable (essential) amino acids, which means the body can’t make it itself and its breakdown is irreversible. Lysine is a water soluble amino acid making it easier for body to absorb. It has antiviral activity and is one of the constituents of collagen and elastin. L-Lysine also helps with absorbency of calcium in intestines, and is a valuable component of hormonal proteins and it promotes bone growth. It also plays important role in the production of L-Carnitine (sometimes incorrectly referred to also as l-carnatine), which is nutrient that is needed for converting fatty acids into energy.

Lysine 800mg tablets from Ethical Nutrients

Lysine 800mg supplement tablets from Ethical Nutrients

Lysine also acts as a precursor for several other amino acids; in other words it’s needed so other amino acids can be naturally produced in human body.


Amino acids are molecular building blocks of proteins. They are critical for growth, maintenance and repair of damaged tissue in the body. Proteins are one of the major components of all cells of the body, including muscles, skin, nails, hair and body organs. They are also required to form blood cells.

L-Lysine 500mg tablets from Nature's Own

L-Lysine supplement 500mg tablets from Nature’s Own

Amino acids are divided into three groups indispensable (essential), which means that it is necessary for human health but body cannot manufacture it thus they have to be obtained from the diet or supplemental source. Semi-indispensable (conditionally-essential) and non-dispensable (non-essential). Conditionally essential amino acids can be formed from another amino acid and non-essential amino acids are those that can be synthesised by the body. This is not to suggest that they are not important for our health, if we suffer disease or our body is out of balance even these amino acids become essential and we need to obtain them from food or supplement source.

How Lysine works in herpes treatment:

Nobody ever tells you how these things works and it makes me absolutely mad, mostly you get the statements like “it is good for this and that”, or, “it is beneficial for this and that”. But how does it work and why it is good for us?
Because of its antiviral activity in the body, lysine is valuable in preventing cold sores. It blocks the activity of another amino acid L-Arginine, which assists and promotes the replication of herpes simplex virus. Lysine has shown to reduce frequency and severity of cold sores. It is most effective if taken orally in a capsule or powder form. Amino acid arginine is main building material used by the cell to create the virus, if we get more lysine into the cell, there will be less room for arginine and virus will not replicate. More comprehensive information on cold sore virus and its treatments.

Search for foods by the highest or lowest lysine or arginine amounts values. Plus other nutrients. The search for food items with high/low lysine or arginine can be further specified by additionally selecting any food category to practically narrow-down the search finding foods or meals easier. Or simply scroll through the lists.

L-LYSINE amino acid nutrient by Descending and Ascending list:

Foods with highest lysine amount.

Foods with lowest lysine amount.

L-ARGININE amino acid nutrient by Descending and Ascending list:

Foods with highest arginine amount.

Foods with lowest arginine amount.

Consequences of low levels of lysine:

Deficiency in lysine may be associated with irritability, dizziness, loss of body weight, loss of appetite, nausea, tiredness, reproductive disorders, bloodshot eyes (clear photo example), can lead to calcium loss and poor immune function, fatigue, fatty acid metabolism problems and inability to concentrate.

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  1. I’ve been observing my metabolism and bowel especially how does lysine influence the irritable bowel syndrome. This proves what I noticed through my own observations.

    By Anne

  2. With years as we age, our body may start to absorb calcium and also phosphate out from our bones instead of keeping these two minerals within bones. If it comes to that stage, the process is called osteoporosis. This gradual process makes all bones weaker, sort of brittle and easy to crack. Luckily, we aware humans, we can prevent it from happening and to avoid getting osteoporosis for good, if we start to look after it early enough when we are younger.

    By Belinda

  3. As an essential to animal body, amino acid, lysine is not synthesized for animals, they must ingested lysine or protein which contains lysine. In bacteria and/or plants, the lysine gets synthesized from aspartic acid – aspartate.

    By Roxy Louwagie

  4. Dear Rado,
    Lysine morphs into various derivatives at temperatures above 100 deg.C. These derivatives(poly-n) are not readily absorbed by the small intestine. In other words-it is impossible to maintain a lysine rich diet because of the food processing. Without L-lysine supplements in our diets we become victims of the herpes virus.
    Speaking of herpes, have you read that they have found it is the cause of Alzheimer’s.
    Have a great day,

    By Jim

  5. I have shingles all over my hands. Trying to eat is absolutely horrible because it affects my hands. I refuse to get treated with conventional meds because of side effects and also not having insurance either, and natural alternatives are too costly. I came across your Lysine/Arginine food page hoping it would help a little… I hope, but you don’t list cocoa or chocolate on that page… or did I miss it? I know it’s high on the argenine list but how high? I miss eating it! Makes me sad that I can’t! I want to get rid of this crap because I’ve had it now for almost 3 months. It’s killing me. And why do you have such a page on your site?
    Nice ovens by the way.

    By Samantha

  6. Dear Samantha,
    Try to see if you can buy Lysine amino acid supplement, here it is quite inexpensive, about $12 per 100 tablets. If you can try to boost yourself with it. from herbal medicine, Astragalus is wonderful herb for shingles and for immune system, it is antiviral herb and it works very well. You can buy Astragalus supplements powder or tables too, when it is important. As well, if you can, I would include some Zinc and Vitamin C supplements. You know about the foods. Chocolate is high in L-Arginine, try to avoid it (if you really have a piece of chocolate milk chocolate will have lesser arginine content in it but I am not recommending dark/milk chocolate at all around outbreaks.) Rather a bit of organic or a healthier natural yogurt for the L-Lysine intake. There should be chocolate on that page, I will have a look later. But I am sure it is there listed. If needed I could give you exact ratios also for cocoa powder if you really needed it. It depends, it can take long time to get rid of shingles, but you need to be persistent in it’s removal! It of course can be done! If you could get hold of the lemon balm herb to make your own ointment using a little amount of better quality olive oil (as per that cold sore virus page) it would help.

    By Dada

  7. Thank you so much for your quick reply. I have and take Lysine tablets currently and it’s helping me. I will take lysine for longer now. I know about the chocolate and yes I can see it in your list. I’ll just have to do without it for a while.

    By Sammy

  8. Hey Rado. I am wanting to say to you a very BIG thank you because of your information and recommendations for cold sore treatment. I have not had any for almost eight months now at all… any time I get a warning or tingly sign I put on the ointment (a herbalist made it up for about $10 for me). Isn’t nature wonderful? Blessings to you Rado! May fortune always be friend!

    By Paula

  9. This article was really helpful and true. I don’t know how many of other treatments I’ve purchased. I now take l L-lysine vitamins daily, I have a bottle of natural lemon balm that I use to help me sleep. All of your lysine information was very knowledgeable. Thanks a million.

    By Nitka

  10. Hello, I’m doing a research project on varying lysine levels and I was wondering what king of corn you used for you data, or where you got the data from. Please get back to me when you can.

    By Sean

  11. Hello. Regarding your excellent Lysine/arginine chart: the column that lists lysine amount mg/oz – does this mean mg per ounce of food item, or is it just two measurements of actual lysine content (mg and ounces)? Just a little confused.

    By Courtney

  12. Hi Courtney,
    Yes both mg and oz values are the same l-lysine amounts per quantity of food. So the mass amount listed is in both US and Metric systems.

    By Rado

  13. Looking at your list of lysine / arginine foods. Need to know where to research other food items. Do you have a referral / reference that you can share?
    Thank you for your time,

    By Betsy

  14. Hi Betsy,
    Yes the food lists are long and extensive. You can search by the highest or lowest lysine or arginine amount/values. Plus other nutrients. The search for food items with lysine or arginine can be further specified by additionally selecting a food category to practically narrow the search down to find foods or meals easier. Or simply scroll through each list.

    L-LYSINE amino acid nutrient by Descending and Ascending list:

    The foods with highest lysine amount.

    The foods with lowest lysine amount.

    L-ARGININE amino acid nutrient by Descending and Ascending list:

    The foods with highest arginine amount.

    The foods with lowest arginine amount.

    By Rado

  15. I keep getting shingle outbreaks on my scalp. I have very painful, relentless headaches. I am a a maintenance daily dose of Valtrex. I am also taking 2000 mgs of lysine daily. Is it okay to open up the capsules and mix them in plain yogurt? I have a hard time swallowing them. I just want to make sure I am getting the full amount in my system. I appreciate any advice you have to offer. And thanks for the great chart, it is very helpful.

    By Barbara

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