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Beautiful stucco finish on the walls of this oven

I built my oven using the plans you emailed me the links for and it turned out great, works great and family absolutely loves the pizza etc. The outside walls are made from cinder blocks and then I applied stucco at the end to achieve this final effect. We really enjoy the oven thanks again for the plans.

I have attached some pictures for publishing them on website. Let me know if you want more as I did a step by step photo album of me building the oven using your plans. I enjoyed building of every bit on it.

This picture with three people is me and two of my friends Bill and Jerry. I am the one on the right holding the pizza peel. Let me know how it goes you can put them on a web page as you wish. Thanks. Send me a link.

Interesting stucco pattern texture on walls
Wonderfully appearing and effective stucco on these walls.

Interesting stucco technique Nice stucco character The front wall with stucco design

Small size cinder block walls Raw cinder block wall and decorative bricks before stuccoing. Stuccoed wall and 3 friends cooking

Joe from Cottondale, Florida, U.S.A.

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  1. Nice looking pizza oven. How can i get a copy of that CD to build one like that.

    By Matthew — Permalink

  2. Very beautiful oven. I was inspired by your idea and really want to build an oven by myself. If would you send more construction information, I would be very grateful. Very interesting outdoor decorative material.

    By Vyacheslav — Permalink

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