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Female builder-accountant used recycled bricks

Hi Rado,
I hope this email arrives correctly, as I couldn’t actually find your email address on the web-site. Since I don’t have windows email, the links don’t work.
However, I’d just like to crow for a minute, that as a 50 yr old female accountant, never laid or cut a brick in my life, I’m sending you some pics of my almost completed project.

I followed your instructions for minimizing costs, so I used second-hand everything. I collected wood-ash from my fireplace for 2 winters. I couldn’t locate fireclay for mortar, so I used the clay from the soil under my feet for the dome. The dome is made of solid clay bricks circa 1950 from old Canberra buildings, the roofing is from the local tip, along with the matching ridge capping. I haven’t found any barge capping yet, so I may have to purchase this.

Female builder used recycled house bricks
Look at it; it is all recycled material. It’s all possible. Always.

Image is showing the inside of the dome, using the old solid bricks.

Many thanks for hundreds of hours you must spend on creating a very entertaining but valuable (for others) website.
I now have enough confidence to make a masonry fireplace inside my house….. I am following a building document ( frame by frame ) from – he does not sell fireplace plans or instructions, what a pity, but anything, from any insight, is possible if you only HAVE A GO !

My insulating layers under the roof

My insulating layers under the roof

I have been cooking in the oven since I finished the dome in early May 2012, but it has taken me this long to get enough bricks etc. to finish the whole outside part walls with chimney.


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