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Doncaster oven with Yorkshire puddings

I had never laid a brick before and was on a cheap as chips budget. Most of the stone was free but had to pay a premium to fill in with matching. Total cost for the oven was £740 including the reclaimed arch fire bricks. This oven is named after my old Friend who passed away as I was finishing it. He loved to come and watch with a large mug of tea.

The land up until last year was used by local residents as a dumping ground right at the side of our house. I bought it and cleared 14 x huge Poplar trees the outside table and chairs is the first to be felled (from Populus, woody trees, in the family Salicaceae). All the bricks used to pave the area was recovered and cleaned from the land after we cleared it to a blank canvas. Then I discovered and HAD TO take Rado’s advice and get me an oven built.

The oven builder toast.

Summer is here and I have been home for a week so was able to get a lot done. To the oven. So to test out the work done what better than to have our best set of friends round for tea and have them stay for supper as well while at the same time put the world to rights over a beer or two. Cheers Rado. They never say no for some strange reason.

All the family get involved in the cooking and even helped with the build. Ashley my 6 year old son would help with cement and fetch me the bricks. Charlie my 4 yrs daughter would boss me around and supervise a lot. Even bribed me to build a tree house so they can play out when it’s raining. This as it turns out was a great idea as it keeps them busy while we eat and drink.

Every one likes the pizzas but the baked potatoes out of the garden, steer corn, and wings go down real well and have a real unique taste. Things don’t get better than this. Can’t wait to try a 5 bird roast in the winter. And your smoked turkey.
Let me know which pictures u need more description of. If there is not enough here. The Yorkshire puddings how to make description must be accompanied!

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  1. I’m interested in an oven to bake bread, pizzas, & cook meat dishes. My son-in-law is from Ripponden so the York name caught my eye.

    By Paul Heath

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