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Thumb up all great

Thumb up all great

Thumb up all great

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  1. Hi, This all looks great! I’m getting ready to start my oven, can I receive via email the instructions you offer?

    One question on foundation planning, we are in northern Vermont USA. The frost line is about 48″ and I can’t get down the full 48″, water issues. I plan on adding a drain to catch most of the water but we are at the foot of a large hill. So my plan is get down as far as possible 2″ of rigid insulation and add drainage stone, then pour a 6″ slab to set the block on. How does this sound to you?


    added by admin:
    Yes if you have water below the top soil instead of hard ground like bedrock, drainage gravel layer will do it. From what I’ve seen any people in freezing climate locations actually do it that way. Because the oven is heavy reinforce the slab well and mix concrete no weaker than the 4:1 ratio. Make it 8 inches thick. If you can, make the pad slightly larger in surface just to add more stability.

    By Tom

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