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Working with reclaimed firebricks, cheers.

Working with reclaimed firebricks, cheers.

This one is for you Rado. Progress is still slow because of work but weekend at home means hobby time. I almost there. But because I am using reclaimed stuff it is slightly different but I think you will like it. Not yet finished but had the first sneaky batch out on Saturday. Family came round it was a blast. My 4 and 6 year old kids been getting stuck in with the build to. I will send you full details and photos when finished but I work away all of the time so progress is slow.

For the oven floor I used reclaimed real heavy bricks out of the old electric storage heaters they used to sue over here. I had a real result with the bricks for the arch. After 2 months of pricing at around £4.50 each I found some reclaimed fire bricks out of an old furnace. These were wedged so used then. 50 pence each. What a bargain. Can you please send me the best email address to send my updates.

Cheers Steve and family. Doncaster UK.

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  1. We are looking to purchase a reclaimed chamotte firebricks Al-2O3 with high to higher alumina content of 35-45% in the reclaimed bricks.
    Quantity which is in need: estimated 450 MT
    Is there a name for a company, which we can contact for this reclaimed material? Thanks.

    ISMO BV Made / in Holland

    Best regards,
    Pierre Luhulima
    Internal Sales & Logistics Manager
    Cell phone: 0031622811848

    By Pierre Luhulima

  2. Hi I am looking for around 230 fire bricks for building a pizza oven can you please advise me of a place I can get them?

    By Chris

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