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Outdoor living room and kitchen project w/ stones

Hello Rado and all other enthusiasts,
I wanted to share a few pictures of my oven with complete outdoor living area. So far we have made pizzas, roasts and calzones with the oven but plan on baking breads.

Anyway, I like the idea you gave me about cooking things other than pizza. Most of the food cooking experiments we have tried were cooked in a cast iron kettle, which heats up so fast that I have to keep the kettle on the outside of the opening! We have done carne guisada, Jalapeno poppers, Chicken drumsticks and smaller snack-type foods. We would like to try a whole bird but I’m not too experienced in doing this. I have heard that the pizza ovens work well with the “Beer can Chicken” idea. I will send a few pix of a current project that is an outdoor dining room to match the pizza oven and outdoor Living-room and Kitchen.

Outdoor Kitchen with living-room

This whole “Outdoor living” thing took on a life of its own when I started the whole outside-area project 2.5 years ago! I don’t know where to stop, but it has been far more fun than building the house!

Outdoor kitchen, living room and oven project. kitchen project outdoors

project kitchen and living room outside Snow, outside living with kitchen projects. stones in outdoors loving room project

Nice website BTW!

P.S. the above is built in San Marcos in Texas. Wood fired ovens are big in Texas.

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  1. Nice oven Dave! I live east of Dallas and have just completed my Austin Stone oven from Rado’s plans. It’s awesome! I will be cooking stuff for Thanksgiving in it.


    By JOE

  2. I am building this oven myself. It is a very appropriate time to make the plans for the long run. Cannot wait to make some marvelous culinary in it.

    By Wood working

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