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Community oven in stones for bread and pizza

I am about to build my third oven, this time for another community. My second oven I built was the one in my own backyard for my family (link to it is down this page). And this here is THE first oven I built, it belongs to our community, we built it together using stones for making all the outer walls.

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My oven cooks the most incredible pizza

I began to build my pizza oven just before winter 2010 approached. Then I finished it completely in spring 2011. My oven cooks the most fabulous pizzas one can cook and eat. Pizza oven named: Forno Di Russo.

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Cooking pizzas in dutch ovens first

Photo of a wood fired oven built with using stones. All these stones and rocks the was built from came from around our property, thus it’s a free material and a good saving. Firstly, with my friend we started making pizza crusts in our dutch ovens. Then I decided to build my proper wood fired oven.

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Slate stone chimney and oven outside decorations

Wood fired oven built in Dallas, Texas, US. It has a beautiful slate stone covered chimney and the whole oven on the whole surface area on outside walls has the same slate stone decorations on as well. Oven was built by Arthur.

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Art work with stones outdoors

Job by Jai Art. Art work with wood fired oven and fireplace outdoors. A combo unit both built with various sizes of natural stones. Hard to match but someone may try it then show the results.

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Oven in Appalachian Mountains of Kentucky

An old 18th century iron smelting furnaces inspired Calvin to undergo his own stone work and build a pizza wood fired oven using the stones and very much the same style of stone work for the outer decorations parts.

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River Rocks on the oven’s outside

My wood burning pizza oven built out of firebricks and on the outside out of river rocks I’ve collected personally one by one in the nature around us where I usually go for walks each day.

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Pizza oven nights and Real Estate

Real estate business dealings and pizza oven nights go together fabulously. I can tell you why pizza ovens are so popular; investing in developments, adding value to properties, faster sales, perfect and practical and pleasing in varieties of aspects …

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Four a pain stone oven in France

Four a pain is named this stone house building and wood fired oven in France, Entraygues-sur-Truyere. The oven is obviously great for making pizzas and baking bread or roasting meats anything you would want to indulge on.

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