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Community oven in stones for bread and pizza

thank you for confirming the shipment of the disks and the heads up on more info becoming available.

You might find my reason for ordering your disks an interesting story. I am planning on building an oven in my backyard this summer and this will be the second oven that I will have built.

I am a retired engineer that likes to build things and the pastor at our church has a passion for baking bread, these two passions came together two years ago when we built an oven at our church. Our pastor built his own oven in his back yard a number of years ago. He had a dream of building a large oven on our church property that would become a “community” oven. So I coordinated the construction of the oven – photo’s attached.

Community oven with natural stone walls. Building was supervised by Mike from Minnesota.

community baking project I had a number of volunteers help and it took us 3 months to gradually complete, the stone work and the whole area.

communal baking and pizza making The oven is used on the first Saturday of the month for community bread baking and people come from all around our area to bake their own bread. Our pastor also conducts bread baking classes to teach people how to bake artisan breads. The oven is also used a lot for pizza events. One afternoon we made 150 pizza’s in less than two hours.

This oven is based on Alan Scott’s design and I designed the outside structure. The stone is real and we had cut to most to fit, this was the most time consuming part of the project.

For my own oven I wanted to explore all designs that exist and I was attracted to your website. I will have a lot of people follow my construction because we have generated so much interest in baking bread and making pizza that people like me want one in their back yard. So I may send more people your direction.

Thanks again for the heads up on the shipment.

Edit: Mike has built his second oven and just started to build/supervise his third oven. His second oven page.


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  1. To Mike in MN;
    Is there any way I can look at your wood ovens? I’m in Northern MN and I’m spending the summer building an oven for my granddaughter.

    By Doug Roberts — Permalink

  2. Doug,

    I would be happy to show you the oven in the picture I will be starting the one for my backyard in the next couple of weeks so nothing to see for awhile.


    By Mike — Permalink

  3. Mike,
    I’m curious how you did the base slab. Is there crushed rock under the floating slab, or how did you keep the base from cracking with frost heave?

    John in Eau Claire, WI

    By John Lund — Permalink

  4. I have only had food from a brick oven at one restaurant named simply “Brick Oven”. I enjoy when food is cooked in that natural way. It has to be one of the most unique techniques. I reckon it would be awesome if I had a cool oven like this in my neighborhood already now to be able to run the same kind of events efficiently in so many ways.

    By SiaosiPermalink

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