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Mike builds 3rd oven. Plus uses digital thermometers.


I emailed to you last year photos of another oven I built at our church and you did post them on your site.

The previous pictures are located in “older entries” section photos on your site. It is the oven with the title “Community oven with natural stone wall”.
Building was supervised by Mike from Minnesota”. This is the first Community oven built in the Minneapolis / St.Paul area.

I purchased from you the CD rom for the MTO oven and built one in my backyard last year. I have attached a few pictures for your use.

Oven in Minneapolis

Some comments regarding this oven :
It utilizes 100 year old street pavers that came from the streets of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I also incorporated 4 high temp k type thermocouples in the oven to measure the temperature in the base and dome. I found two meters on eBay that cost around $20.00 each and incorporated a plug-in station on the back of the oven. This allows me to remove the meters when I am not baking (photos further below show these meters in place).

Red brick structure Red brick master

This size oven works great for pizza events and baking, it heats up quickly. I am now going to help another church in Minneapolis build a community oven on their property and this is why I purchased the details for your new 3G MTO. They want to use a stucco finish. I have made a set of drawing of this oven with detailed dimensions of the outside. It incorporates a roof that extends over the front 36″. It also has a side work table. I needed to have the drawings to present to the local building inspector. We have approval and will begin construction this coming Saturday;. I will send photos when we finish it. If you would like a set of the drawings I would be more than happy to send them to you. At some time in the future you may have customer that wants an extended roof on their oven.

Red brick oven Red brick project

This is my third and last oven that I plan to build but will help anyone out looking for help. I will send people your direction that are looking for good resources.

Best to you,

Mike Faust

Additionally below – more useful information from Mike’s second email, with more about his digital thermometers & thermocouples setup. I think he must be one of the people with the highest moral caliber! :


Here are some more pictures of my MTO oven that I just took today. A little about the oven. I followed your pictures very closely for the construction. The brick are actually old street pavers that came from the streets in Milwaukee Wisconsin and they are over 100 years old.

Thermometers and thermocouples Thermocouples thermometers

I also included the photos of the simple thermometer set up that I used. I located 4 thermocouples in the oven, 2 in the base and 2 in the dome. I ran the leads to female plugs inside of an electrical utility box with a spring closing cover. When I am heating up my oven for baking I bring out my meters plug them in and watch as my oven heats up. I have the thermocouples located 1″ down from the surface of the firebrick surface inside the oven and then on the outside of the concrete cladding of the dome and the concrete base.

mto pizza oven mto bread oven mto oven for pizzas or breads

This is my second oven and I am going to start the 3G MTO tomorrow with a team at a local church. I am not a contractor but a retired engineer that likes to build things. I would be happy to provide email or telephone consulting to anyone looking for help. I will send photo’s of our new oven later this summer. Feel free to my email address on your website if someone has questions. It is

Keep up the good work of providing help for building ovens.


Mike Faust
Minneapolis U.S.A.

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  1. Where can I get plans to build a oven like this?

    By Toriel wise

  2. Hi Mike ! Yes I think it is a good plan to fit thermocouples. Can you perhaps share some details: approximate positions where the probes are located in the base and the oven dome ? Did you run the wires in sleeves or just like that ? Any other specific details you are prepared to share will be appreciated. You know if anyone has ever fitted a light inside these brick ovens ?
    Construction on my oven will commence this week, so I am somewhat excited to say the least….
    DD Van Rooy
    Cape Town
    South Africa

    By DD Van Rooy

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