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Finished oven built on a steep ground slope

Hi Rado.

Here are some pictures of my pizza oven based on your plans. I increased the dome size to accommodate roasts and other large meals.

The total height of the whole structure upwards off the ground was increased due to the ground slope and greater a larger in the height sense storage area at the back.

All the bricks seen on the photos were reclaimed from multiple old buildings in Portland Oregon, cleaned and shipped to this oven site on the Hood Canal in Washington. To build this oven the entire family helped at some point. With had such a wonderful time all of use while building and now just the same while cooking. Thanks again for the inspiration Mate!

Brick oven built in a steep ground slope

Steep ground slope spot and building oven Pizza oven built on a quite steep slope Brick oven building in a slope Brick oven built on a slope

Bill B.
Washington, US

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  1. Bill,
    Interesting project in that slope. I love the red bricks. Are you going to leave its walls on the outside as they are or still lime wash them or paint? If so leave the front decorative arches red, original as they currently are, for the nice effect remains!

    By Rado

  2. I am so proud of this pizza oven. $20 outdoor pizza oven !!!!!!!!!!

    By hayzel

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