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Canadian wood fired brick pizza oven Rado

I just wanted to thank your for your CD instructions of the Wood fired Bread Oven you sent me a while back …. My oven turned out great.

We call the oven Pauline in memory of my Grandma Cherniuk.

I built it basically sitting on top of some short 4x cement block walls and the blocks have reinforced footing underneath deeper in the ground. Then when the oven on top of these cement walls was completed, I surrounded the exposed blocks with those round stones which can be seen on the photos. I collected all the stones from a creek which runs near-by not far from us.

I’m sending you a few pictures that you requested.

Again a big Thank You from Cobalt, Ontario, Canada.

pizza oven in Cobalt Ontario Canada

wood oven in Canada brick oven in Canada oven with snow on in Canada outdoor snow on oven in Canada


Mike from Ontario

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  1. Hello Mike
    Thank you for sending your oven photos. It fits your beautiful place.
    Most of all I like the shots with snow on the oven and everywhere around
    the nature (due to the lack of it over here.) What do you cook or bake
    the most?, do you fire also in winter?? How do you do it in a cold
    weather sort of thing (if it’s so).

    By Rado

  2. Hi Rado,

    Thanks for the compliments … yes the oven is quite the addition to our property ….. we just love it.

    All I have cooked in it so far is pizzas, and let me tell you its the best pizza we’ve ever eaten …. my next cooking adventure is bread next week ….. and I’m planning to slow-cook baked beans in maple syrup …… lots of fun ….. I don’t use the oven in the winter as it gets very cold here where we live in Canada, the temperature goes down to about minus 30 Celsius ….

    Thanks again Rado and take care.


    By Mike

  3. Is it possible to send me the blueprints on how to build the amazing pizza oven I live in northern ontario myself and would love to build one at my camp thanx you , much appreciated.

    By stephen young

  4. Can you help me build my own pizza & bread oven as I am struggling to get help with sizes & construction etc. details, websites I have been on will not allow me to print any details hope you can help me.

    By Cliff Harrison

  5. I roasted 2 pheasants and 2 whole chickens in the oven at once. Till done to perfection! If you do too, de-bone the meat and use instead of the venison tenderloin. 6 to 8 cups of chicken or vegetable stock instead of beef stock. Ah That Is To Die For!

    By Mana

  6. Your oven looks amazing!!! I too live in Ontario and would love to replicate what you have done. Would it be possible to get the plans off you?

    Thanks so much!

    By Syd Antunes

  7. Hello,
    Syd, Cliff and Stephen, thanks for the compliments on my oven, If you all are looking for plans to build your own Wood fired Oven I would like to suggest you contact Rado Hand right here on this web site. I ordered the CD’s (plans) from him and they are unbelievable in their detail, the best by far I have seen…the book “The Bread Builders” by Daniel Wing and Alan Scott….is a good one and a big help.

    take care and good luck.


    By Mike

  8. Hi Mike,

    My wife and I are looking to build an oven this summer in Trenton area. I’m curious if you modified any structural elements in Rado’s design to compensate for the frost aspect of Ontario’s climate.


    Stephen Childs

    By Stephen Childs

  9. Hi Stephen,

    No I pretty much stuck to Rado’s plans/materials, get his building disk….the only thing(s) I did different was use a refractory cement to join up my internal firebricks, instead of the fireclay mortar mix he used, then I used a regular type N mortar mix (just added sand to it) for the outer red brick decoration…..I decided a few years back that I would only fire it up during the warmer months, so I have never used it in the winter….but so far (3 years now)…everything is working/holding up fine.

    take care

    Mike Lafoy

    By Mike

  10. want the cd to build , can someone help me out thanks Jody Timmins , Ont. Canada !

    By Jody

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