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Brick oven lifted and transported with crane truck

Heavy masonry brick oven crane lifted for moving and transported using an one crane-truck option. From its original position, where it was constructed, the structure was lifted with the crane, loaded and truck driven to a new place where owners relocated to.

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Materials list with quantities

The material list with quantities for building the new Masterly Tail oven, MTo, wood burning brick oven design plans and diagrams. Refractory mortar, thermal insulation, firebricks, common masonry concrete blocks, house bricks, reinforcing metals, cement mixes.

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Ground moisture insulation behind this oven

The oven building has been finished but Naeem still intends to apply a ground moisture insulation around both sides and at the back to stop water coming on.

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Adjusting internal oven width to 36″ – instead of 34″

How to use an uncommon shapes of tapered firebricks, plus how to increase the total internal oven width by 2 inches. From 34 inches to 36 inches arch span calculation and how it all corresponds to the rest of the measurements – brick walls of the outside shell, slabs and space for thermal insulation.

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Karl gave the oven a Mexican look

Karl was lucky for he got all firebricks for this project for free. The bricks were sourced from an old farm. The whole project cost-ed him only 500 bucks, material was reused! Tiles in decoration and the figurine give the oven a nice Spanish or Mexican character look.

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Canadian wood fired brick pizza oven

Canadian built, in Cobalt, Ontario, wood fired brick pizza and bread oven. The oven was built by Mike and was named Pauline – in memory of Mike’s grandmother Cherniuk. Look at those nice images on whose the oven is covered by the winter snow.

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Brick oven with temperature gauge

Jamie’s and Katrina’s wood fired brick pizza oven with temperature gauge. Three different thermometers and thermocouples positioning installed for measuring cooking temperature in their backyard outdoor brick oven.

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Pizza oven and grill combination in outdoor kitchen

Effective brickwork by Tony in Victoria, Australia. Pizza oven Grill/BBQ combo and paving job finished.

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Hebel AAC block (added as insulation)

Under hearth for a pizza oven we added the lightweight Hebel building blocks material, as an additional thermal heat insulation layer, under the floor slab and firebricks on top.

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Oven in river rock stone

I always wanted to build these ovens for others. A picture of wood fired igloo oven done in river rock stones on the outside masonry-decoration. It is a round, spherical igloo shape dome, 8 feet wide and 6 foot inside in diameter measurement.

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