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Hebel AAC block (added as insulation)

      It’s done on time for a two week curing for new years festivities. Your chimney works well, first few days used a heat lamp then small fires. Also put a 200mm layer of the lightweight hebel AAC block (insulation) on the hearth then another 100mm slab over that for the fire bricks. Made the oven 150mm larger both ways as you suggested in your notes if we wanted to, found your plans and notes most comprehensive, made it an enjoyable journey from start to finish.

      Something I wanted to check with you but being the silly season did not try contacting you, I maintained the height of the dome and door opening but altered the width to 500mm to accommodate some large pans we have, hope that will not alter its efficiency or performance qiality.

Hebel blocks thermal insulation.

Hebel as insulation under hearth.

      Again thanks for the experience, if you are ever passing through the granite belt please give me a bell we would love to show you another of you ovens.

All the best,

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  1. I would like to build this oven in my yard! Where can I get the building plans?
    Thanks, Cathy

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