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Oven in river rock stone

Thanks Rado,

I can get fire bricks here in the states for about 1.00 us dollars each. All the other materials are available from local refractory material wholesalers.

We have some manufactures here to get stuff cheep as well as heat resistant insulating blankets from a Chinese importer for about 1.00 per foot for 24 inch spun glass type super insulation. And of course home depot has everything here.

I’m so exited I have been in the brick oven pizza business for 18 years and have several ovens built by a friend of mine I always wanted to build these ovens for others. I am sending you a picture of my oven done in river rock it is an igloo shape 8 ft wide 6 foot inside.

Swishy built for 5500 and MTo for 6500 … that sounds very good on the price and style.

Igloo pizza oven covered in river rock or stone pebbles.

Have a great day!! Scot!
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