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Restaurant size pizza oven

Here are some more pictures of pizza ovens and domes what I do. The round large one is 6 ft or 1.8 m in interior diameter! What do you think about cutting the stones to minimize joints in the dome and having a clean oven inside perfect looking? Any advice on cutting machinery?

Added by Rado: Scot, yes, for long lasting, precise cutting is the important key. Can be done easily by hand held machine, or of course by a mounted sliding drop saw. I almost forgot about this page I created years ago which describes differences between igloo or avocado round oven dome shapes and half barrel rectangle or square floor shapes. Construction process and oven usage. The page talks also about cutting firebricks and keying them to tightly fit together. Heaps of reading perhaps but all subjects should be covered. I use only hand held grinder with good quality small in diameter diamond wheel. The cutting off goes fast. Prior cutting firebricks are dipped in water for 10 – 15 minutes; having them wet produces no heat damage on diamond wheal, no any dust to breath in. Or else a wide enough brick cutting chisel for less smooth nor precise pieces that can be simply chopped by 2-3 hits with a heavier hammer (rotate the brick after each hit); e.g. when halving firebricks just like on your photos. But you will know these, so just in case any one else needs these easy ideas.

igloo restaurant size pizza oven

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