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Gas and wood brick pizza oven

This gas and wood burning pizza brick oven heat source combo can be heated up to cooking or bread baking temperature by gas fuel, with a flame from gas burner, or common wood fuel. I bring out a gas bottle with a hose connected to the gas burner and point it into the oven through a small burner hole to bring / direct the gas flame inside.

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Use of Angle Iron

I told you I would sent pictures of my use of angle iron instead of building the wooden support as shown in your pictures. I used 3 1/2 x 3 1/2 quarter thick angle iron with 2 1/4 thick concrete base. This is angle iron I had from another project. I will cut reinforcement wire and fill with concrete. It should be able to hold up the world (Ha!) After quite a bit of searching in a hardware and tools store I was able to find a tape measure that had inches and cm measuring units also.

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My pizza cutter w/ spaghetti portion size measure combo

Today I received from St. Ignatius, MT in Unites States these fabulous pizza cutters which have also several spaghetti size portion measures built in them. See the image of the cutters and also play one youtube video which shows clearly how practical these pizza cutters are, what everything these practical cutters can cut in a kitchen.

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Wood burning oven built under roof cover

Very practical wood burning oven under a spacious roof cover in Shingletown, California, USA. Everything built by Paul and Karen. And the goodies their oven produces. Pizza and bread help from Paul.

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Oven built higher off the ground in deck level

Charlie from West Virginia built his oven much higher up, 42 inches, off the ground as to reach the level of the wood floor of the deck at the back of the house.

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Outdoors kitchen and eating entertaining area

Joe with family finished their project. They built kitchen outdoors with eating and entertaining area for them and their guests. So far they had many parties, cooked pizzas, roasted chickens and other roast types. This kitchen was created in Roseville, California, USA.

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Gas fire in center with revolving stone

Gas fired igloo round shape pizza oven with center fire flame gas burner and stone that revolves 360 degrees round for rotating pizzas within the hot oven.

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Restaurant size pizza oven

An igloo shape restaurant size pizza oven built out of halved dense firebricks. The oven has 6 ft – 1.8m interior diameter. Is it preferred to cut firebricks for accurate key joints in constructing spherical round igloo domed ovens? For answers read on below …

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Stone oven in a 1807 kitchen

A stone oven in the kitchen used to be heated primarily for baking. The building those days functioned as a town bakery, that is dating back to year 1807. The oven is 180 centimeters in diameter inside. A true master made it no doubt about that.

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Bush Creek Pizza’s (and bread’s)

Very beautiful tiled mosaic decoration created with stones and tiles on a wood burning pizza oven project. Art work by Eddie and Vianney from New Zealand.

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