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My pizza cutter w/ spaghetti portion size measure combo

Got these two pizza cutters today, they were delivered from St. Ignatius, MT, US to my P.O. Box today, and I reckon truly they could not be any more fantastic. So, obviously, they made my day today.

Not only they perfectly cut and chop varieties of foods, pizza, salads, herbs etc., also they have spaghetti portion size control – different sized measuring holes – included in them as well. This is great for me as I never know precisely how much pasta I should boil per serve. Consequently I always ended up cooking unnecessary too large of an amount, which is rather waste-full as we got used to buying higher priced organic spaghetti only for home for their nicer taste and secondly they are healthier.

Quality pizza cutter spaghetti portion measure combos photo. If anybody else is interested in exactly these pizza cutters / spaghetti measure combos, go for it. They are made by Pizza Sharp. I made the decision to use them also as gifts together with the stainless-steel oven thermometers I give to people who I build ovens for. I like to introduce new products items, especially those practical ones that people will actually use. If you prefer not to waste too much time with cutting, a handy idea might be to watch the short film below as it shows precisely how and what everything you can use these things for (I already adopted some of those practical ways.)

Pizza Sharp cutters.

Easy to cut and easy to wash, I love it … smartly designed tools.

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  1. Hi, I was wondering if you have stock of the pizza cutters/spaghetti portion that you have referred to on your website and would sell a couple? My father-inlaw build one of your ovens a number of years ago (hopefully building ours soon) and we would like to get him one of these cutters.

    If not can yo tell me how much they charge for delivery to Brisbane.

    Thanks, Stephen

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