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My First of many retirement projects

The first of many Mike’s retirement building and other development projects. “Now I have the time for them”… he says. He purchased 1,120 new house bricks for only 75 bucks which makes it less than 7 cents per each house brick. This oven cooks and bakes fantastically, it produces and gives out much better energy.

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Oven built higher off the ground in deck level

Charlie from West Virginia built his oven much higher up, 42 inches, off the ground as to reach the level of the wood floor of the deck at the back of the house.

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Finished oven built on a steep ground slope

This wood fired brick oven was built in quite a steep ground slope. The oven has also increased dome size internally so large roasts and other large meals can be comfortably cooked in the oven. Pictures of my finished oven and of the building process at various stages.

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