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Bush Creek Pizza’s (and bread’s)

Good Day Rado

Love the website. Here are some of our oven pix as it’s completed already for some time. Oven works great, we are in Dunedin N.Z., oven is in our garden so we will call it Bush Creek Pizza’s.

We have been cooking pizza for about 6 months now and tried bread this past weekend. 10 loaves at once which came out great.

We have been able to make a few clay features for this oven plus the mosaic with our pottery making skills. The job we love to do for years.

Thanks again for the great web site it is very down to earth and informative, nowadays good and clear information is always very valuable as everything goes forward in such a fast motion that it’s rather exhausting to keep up.

Pizza oven with a beautiful tile mosaic decoration on.
Beautiful tile mosaic on oven
by Eddie and Vianney
New Zealand

Tile mosaic art decoration. Artistic mosaic decoration out of tiles and stones. Decorative art mosaic in a garden. A mosaic from stones and tiles beautiful art work.

Eddie & Vianney
New Zealand

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  1. Absolutely fabulous mosaic on the oven, love it. I’ve been collecting ceramic tiles with all sorts of different colors and structure. My plan is to brake them with a hammer into fragments to make a similar mosaic. Or a collage by adding pebbles and glass as well. Yours is truly an art work! The old red clay bricks in the face gives the oven that lovely character.

    By Joseph - the oven mosaic — Permalink

  2. Cement / concrete for me is a life. You can mold it and form it the way you want it.

    By Johan — Permalink

  3. I started about 15 years ago then put it off and used the base to stand flower pot on. The mosaic is perfect.

    By Setab — Permalink

  4. […] What everything people enjoy doing: Here is one Mosaic on an artistic looking barrel shaped garden oven: Mosaic on garden oven […]

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  5. What an amazing piece of art and functional too … and the setting is superb oven and everything else.

    By Yvonne — Permalink

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