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Goodfellas kitchen produce

Perfectly looking and done pizza, stuffed baked bread and all sorts of other baking, grilling, roasting. Produce from Goodfellas kitchens.

Those reddish things are wood fire peppers!! We only use fresh ingredients, we roast them in the oven then peal them, marinate them with some fresh garlic and delicious!!

Scot’s Goodfellas Restaurants – are located in New York, New Jersey, Indiana.

Perfect pizza from a Goodfellas kitchen peel.

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Perfect stuffed and baked breads. Restaurant produce from Goodfellas kitchen ovens.


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  1. Thanks for the informative do it yourself and building articles, it was a good read about family size outdoor in gardens projects but also restaurant size production ovens. Thanks.
    My website is all about the low cholesterol diet.

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  2. A healthy vegetarian diet focuses primarily on plants for food but not entirely. These include nuts for proteins, fruit, veggies, mostly greens, dried produce, beans and peas, some grains, seeds and herbs. There is no a singular type of vegetarian diet to suit all, we all have different taste and digestive system.

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