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Wonderful oven with 8 position rotating switch

This beautifully built and elegant oven has installed a thermometer gauge with 8-position rotating switch, stainless steel tubes and several thermocouple probes fitted for measuring the temperature atmosphere inside its firebrick chamber. Inclusive are photographs showing how were the thermocouples positioned and constructed. Oven was built by Bill in New York. Notice the Christmas decorations witch includes also evening lights on this oven outside.

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We really enjoy the wood-fired oven and fire pit

Wood fired oven with built in lights. Next to the oven there is the nearly done fire-pit, we just need to find some suitable capstone for it. That has not stopped us though from using the fire pit ahead of finishing its making. My very first attempt with whole-wheat breads and rye breads went quite well! For making pizzas the temperature reading of the oven floor is 824 F degrees on the floor in the center. The pizza dough formula on this website is perfect.

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Brick oven with temperature gauge

Jamie’s and Katrina’s wood fired brick pizza oven with temperature gauge. Three different thermometers and thermocouples positioning installed for measuring cooking temperature in their backyard outdoor brick oven.

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