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We really enjoy the wood-fired oven and fire pit

Everyone is really enjoying the wood-fired oven, and I couldn’t have done it without your plans as a guide! Currently I use it almost weekly, baking fabulous breads and cooking everything I can think of in the oven. This now what comes out of the is definitely a culinary art.

Today it was calzones for lunch and pork loin roast for dinner. Last week it was pizza for supper and ribs the next day with the residual heat (it is still 300F at noon the next day).

As an aside, we’ve started naming some of the pizzas for our guests when we entertain :-) One very popular pizza is called ‘the Drummond’ and it has an Alfredo sauce with shrimp, chicken or calabrese salami, banana peppers, mozzarella, and a small amount of feta.oven with electric lights

For pizza dough we use Caputo flour ’00’ type. I always make the dough at least a day before and it makes all the difference in the world. The dough stretches out so much better and you can get it very thin without any holes forming, too. Yum! For pizzas the temperature in the oven is usually 824F on the floor in the center.

Mark was finishing building of his oven The oven and fire pit on one side Temperature remains at 824 F degrees on the center floor

whole wheat breads and rye breads Some other favorites have been a prime rib roast, Christmas turkey, and a very tasty cheese bread that my kids love!

Thanks again!

Casa Rio, SK, Canada

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