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Karl gave the oven a Mexican look

Hi Rado,
I have finished & everything went great, we use the oven frequently already for a while now & we are very happy with the outcome of it. I had some spare firebricks & I was thinking of putting another layer of them over the top & then adding the cladding on top of this. There would be some advantages of doing this & and then do the concrete cladding normally.

I would be quite happy for you use my oven photo to show it on traditionaloven. I used your plans with the only difference is that I left the rectangle oven as a dome shape on the outside instead of putting a roof over it. Less work and nice effects this way! I was very fortunate to get all the fire bricks that I needed for free from an old farm that still had the fire places in there.

Karl gave the oven a Mexican Spanish character look. Built and cooks in Australia.

The whole project only cost me $500 and we certainly have cooked plenty of pizzas, we will never buy a pizza again! Once again thanks for your plans and the CD’s I ordered early June 2010.

Mexican tiles with color design and look


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  1. Can you send me this plan to build my oven in my backyard?

    By dritan

  2. I realy love the look of this oven and know that it is the ideal shape for our west australian “sand groper” back yard. Was it difficult to build? If we have difficulty with any part of the building can we contact you for advice? Thanx for sharing the photos.

    By Cathrine

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