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Project held up by Colorado winter

Thanks for the comments on the oven.

The project was held up most of the time by the Colorado winter but it’s been finished and it is one great oven. It cooks beautiful meals. It bakes beautiful breads.

We have been using the oven for pizza cooking and bread baking mostly and I can say we also experiment with new meals a lot.

We have an open invite for friends and family every Sunday afternoon to share and enjoy food prepared in the new oven. Great fun !!

Project held up a bit by the winter weather in Colorado, built by T. Herbert

One project in Colorado state

I also spread stone gravel around the oven, rain absorbs into the ground quickly plus it looks good.

T. Herbert

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  1. Hello T.Herbert,
    Your oven is amazingly beautiful, what Sunday is open? I would like to get some building ideas from you and see your skills in action.


    By Mark

  2. Hi T Herbert – I’m in Colorado as well and had a question about the foundation. Did you place your oven on a slab or create a foundation below the frost line? I live in the mountains west of Colorado Springs right at 9000′ and plan to break ground this summer.


    By Roger

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