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We built our oven in Anguilla, B.W.I.

Dear Rado,
Here some pics of our oven! We built it in Anguilla, B.W.I.

We had to make some modifications as we did not have access to regular fire brick and could not make those nice arches you did in your CD.

BUT!!! The pizza has been coming out just great! We get the oven to 950 degrees in just an one and a half hour. We burn wood and pallets as our fuel.

We also roasted a goat in our oven (at lower temperature and for much longer time of course).

Kai and I bought real firebricks today for the oven we build this summer in upstate New York. We started laying block today … yippee. I have many pics of this construction of the Anguilla oven if you want them.

Pizza oven built in Anguilla

Pizza oven with fruit trees around in Caribbean Anguilla Pizza oven at evening time around in Caribbean Anguilla brick pizza oven built in Caribbean Anguilla

Hey, thanks for all your help, plans and inspiration and for getting us started!

Bonita and Kai

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  1. Hello Bonita and Kai,
    Is it the Island of Anguilla? The tropical Caribbean paradise with pristine beaches around, where the crystalline ocean waters are?

    By Rado

  2. Please can I have plan or more pictures to build this oven.

    By tendai mudungwe

  3. my name is mark palmer from cape town south africa. We here in s.a love outside cooking. Please how can i get the plans to build any of these oven, thanx mark

    By mark palmer

  4. I would love to know what you used instead of fire brick. I too live in the Caribbean and they are quite hard to come by.

    Thank you!

    By Dan

  5. How can i get hold of the Canadian pizza oven plans?

    By Rowan

  6. Would love to get the building plans for this oven! Thanks.

    By Caryn Wheeler

  7. All of these ovens were built with the Swishy design and MTo design plans and the plan details can be found on this page

    By Mark

  8. ? Het alternatief voor vuurvaste stenen. ( The alternative to bricks. )

    By Ron Duijn

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