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Pizza oven nights and Real Estate

Hope to see you on Pizza Nights.

… Rado, thanks for the inspiration.

We have a large backyard. We like to entertain and we wanted to create an outdoor living area.

Pizza ovens simply became so popular for the reasons;

investing into development, adding value to a property, eye catching for better sale of the property, perfect and practical pleasing in so many different aspects, fun, equals an very efficient entertainment with values in healthy lifestyle.

Small and medium pizzas.
Small and medium pizzas

Pizza oven can increase value of a real estate.

Who says I need a permit to build a pizza oven :)? Pizza ovens and real estate value increasing. Flue vent, spacious hood collector, for fumes on a pizza oven. I baked these amazing breads and it was very easy. Firewood for pizza nights with friends.

Notice our round brick arrangement forming the cover of the oven instead of a roof.

Broker / Owner
Wine Country Real Estate of New York, LLC

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