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Four a pain stone oven in France

Viva Rado

I just visited your wood firing oven website … because I have never fired up our oven and needed advice and instructions on how to heat it up. Thanks for all the great information.

We moved to Lot Valley in Aveyron, France from Los Angeles 5 years ago and finally decided to make some pizza in our four a pain. The oven is over 140 years old, and as it turns out, worked perfectly!

French stone building with wood fired oven in. You may post the pictures in your gallery if you like, I will be very happy to see them there.

Igloo round stone oven at four-a-pain in France.The pizzas came out great even though we were baking without the use of a thermometer. I have a friend who is an artisan baker who still uses a wood fired oven to bake his bread. He promised me years ago that he would show me how to bake bread in our four a pain. I will definitely take him up on the offer now.

Four a pain stone igloo round oven in France.

Lance from France.

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