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Pop’s Greasy Spoon

G’day Rado,
how is it going in your part of the world?

Very many thanks for the service and encouragement you give to many.

For an office worker, that has never laid a brick or done much carpentry work before, I think I’ve done well. The oven seems to work very well and has turned out rather nice. It was all thanks to your tutorials that gave me the confidence to try the skills of concreting, brick laying, casting reinforced slabs, rendering, Oak timber frame joinery, roof tiling and lead flashing work.

All things I had never done before. So I thank you. All of this brought to my life and the lives of my close ones a very fascinating activity.

Oven called Pop's greasy spoon.

Oven in Woodbridge, Suffolk U.K. A very similar design to your main one, but with a roof over in front to protect me from the British Rain.

Please add our picture among others in the oven’s gallery, as you requested we sent it in large file format so it will stay sharp when uploaded. Below is oven’s name, location, picture’s title and description about what’s cooking in etcetera.

Ovens Name: Pop’s Greasy Spoon
Woodbridge, Suffolk, U.K.

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