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Photo of my finished pizza oven

Dear Rado

Just completed my pizza oven. It was well worth it to build this thing. Thank you for helping by answering questions and more. The CD ROM was a tremendous help along the way.

Attached are some photos for you to see and to post on TO website. Please check out my next images’ page to see all photos from start to finish.

The new style and quality of pizzas we eat now is simply amazing, I would never go back again. 3 times and more cheaper or fresher at the same time! As they say, “what else could we ask for”. Everybody who sees the oven is taken by a huge surprise.

Pizza oven built by Anthony Martini.

Pizzas cooked by Anthony in his brick pizza oven. Top quality pizza cooked by Anthony in his pizza oven. Painting our pizza oven walls. Tiled pizza oven roof. Facing brick wall on pizza oven.

Thanks again.

Elgin, IL, USA

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